The Plan


Hi, I'm WSUJ Steve.  You might remember me from such YouTube channels as Wargamers Shut Up and Jam Gaiden.  You might remember me from the Relicblade Alliance forums, or you might just be a pal I've met through another channel.  Like many of you fine geekly friends, I've been caught up with a very game-centric lifestyle.   This hasn't left a lot of room for fitness, the gym, or a finely tuned diet. I've found myself in the early portion of my 30s somewhat unhappy with my body, and more importantly my energy levels.

After my big move, I started reducing the amount of crap going in, and increased the amount of exercise by taking up swimming again.  In the first year and a bit I managed to lose about 20 pounds.  I was down to 240 pounds from 260.  260 has been the absolute most I've ever weighed. This was some good progress.

So Why Don't You Keep Doing That?

Well, I managed my way through most of the winter swimming, keeping my diet in check and benefitting from the progress. I then got sick, and was extremely sick of the 5am wake ups along with the hour long walk to get to the pool.  The bus service where I am isn't supremely awesome, and the winters are particularly punishing.  Quite frankly, I fell off the wagon.

What Happened Next?

I stopped swimming and started lounging about. Towards the beginning of this year, I started doing Stronglifts 5x5.  This is a free, starting strength program that I feel is the absolute best way to start building strength. Between April and July this year I went from 241.9 pounds down to 233.5 pounds. So, some good progress.  I also was definitely building my strength and started to feel much better.  I also got my wife and sister in to the workouts with me, bonding was had!

Sweet, Something You Stuck With Right?

Yeah... About that.... My sister and my wife both fell off the wagon and I used that as an excuse to stop doing it for about a month.  This isn't a reasonable excuse, but, it's what I told myself. "I'll just get back to it tomorrow..." 

When I did go back to it, I found that I couldn't lift the weights I left off at without incredible soreness the next day.  Weight that was a fraction of what I was lifting left me with severe soreness the next couple of days.  With the Stronglifts program, I hadn't really felt that kind of soreness and realized I needed to reset, and come back with a better gameplan. I also knew I'd need to fine tune the diet because I've been getting tired of the low-fat, calorie restricted clean diet I've been having, and I had started to regress.

So What Now?

I have a three pronged attack plan that will be making for a horrific first couple of weeks, and then will vastly improve my overall health in the next few weeks. There's reasoning and justification behind each part of the plan, but I'll have to write that up at a later time.

Prong 1: New Diet

I've built myself a ketogenic diet. This means I'll be consuming almost no carbs, a high fat intake, no sugar, and a moderate amount of protein.  There's a lot of reasons for this but the primary 3 are:

  1. I'd like to burn as much fat as possible.
  2. I'm tired of eating 40/40/20 and want a change.
  3. Bacon.

Prong 2: Intermittent Fasting

This one's going to be a tough one for me as it will make life particularly tough the first few weeks.  There's a lot of health benefits, but the real main reasons for me are:

  1. Burning more fat.
  2. Making life more convenient as I don't need to be so rigid with the quanity of meals.
  3. Many health improvements, zero actual cost to implement.

Prong 3: Restarting Stronglifts 5x5

I'm super reluctant to start back at 0 on all of the lifts, but being as I've stopped doing it for so long, I've basically eradicated my gains.  This means, I'll need to come back fresh and stick with the plan.  Reasons to restart:

  1. I want to build the strength.
  2. I enjoy adding weigh; seeing the numbers go up.
  3. It's not that time consuming.

So, How Long Will You Keep This Up?

My initial project here is to stick it out for 12 weeks. I chose 12 weeks because that's enough time to get through the terrible parts of intermittent fasting, and establish ketosis, and most importantly, show some results. I'll also get to determine how I feel about everything. The Stronglifts 5x5 program also typically lasts 12 weeks. I'll be doing before/during/after photos, but I don't think I'll be sharing them until I look more like the after photos.

I plan on documenting the whole journey.  I'll hopefully have it organized in some way that makes sense to the greatest amount of people.