Day 0

Tonight is the night before I embark on my diet tomorrow.  I stopped eating at 7PM (and intend on breaking my fast at 11:00 AM tomorrow).  This gives me a feeding window of 8 hours and a fasting window of 16 hours every day. Normally I'd have had a snack sometime after 7 tonight so there was a brief moment where my tummy grumbled and I had to tell it to shut the hell up.

I think that's one of the funny things about hunger.  A rumbly tummy isn't necessarily real hunger.  Real hunger has real symptoms that go along with it. Fatigue, light headedness, weakness, shakiness.. I need to train my body better to understand when it's really hungry versus habitually hungry.


Nestle waters, bad company but breaks up the monotony.

I prepared two of my three meals x8.  I'm freezing 5 of the egg muffin meals (15 of the egg muffins) and 4 of the chicken meals (12 drumsticks).  This way I can have fresh for a decent window, and then frozen afterwards... I could cook more often, I just find it pretty miserable.


One of the biggest challenges I'm going to have is the need to take in enough water.  With the Keto diet I'll need to drink around four litres per day.  I've done two things to help me with that.  I bought a shitload of Nestle flavoured waters (I really hate supporting Nestle, but my goals are more important than them).  I also got a new Brita filter that should help me tolerate the amount of water I'm going to need to drink.

New Brita!

I won't be drinking any more sodas, not even the diet sodas.  Not only are they unhealthy, but when I drink them (and I drink them a lot) I find that I use them as a water replacement.  When they contain caffiene, this is counter productive. 

I'll also be cutting out most of the caffiene with the exception of the occassional mint-green tea.  I think that should be okay, and it gives me something I can add MCT oil to if I ever get any.  Though, I haven't planned any of my macros around that, so perhaps not.

Aside from that, I find that I'm not really acustomed to Alberta water.  It has a taste to it that I'd say is a little bit iron like.  The Brita filter seems to strip that right out, so whatever mineral that is (hell, maybe it IS iron), can be taken out that way.  I don't believe it's harmful, but it's a bit of a deterrent when I go for tap water... I know, first world problems.


I acquired most of the major supplements I'm going to need.  In general, I feel that the supplement/fitness industry sells a lot of supplements that are totally unnecessary and mostly just a cash grab.  A lot of the time there are no studies supporting their efficacy and often they want to sell you "fitness in a can" instead of something that will legitimately aid you.

Some basic supplements. Not all, but most.

The ones I got are specifically to supplement my own diet.  In a nutshell I am using Potassium and Magnesium Bisglycinate to help me replenish the missing electrolytes caused by my massive increases intake of water.  Specifically Bisglycinate instead of Oxide or Citrate as I've been told it absorbs in the small intestine better than the others and won't cause bowel problems.

Omega-3's because I am trying to keep the diet low-cost and have not included any fish in my diet (I LOVE salmon, but it's too costly).  Fibre because I'm not taking in enough dietary fibre and want to keep my poop, poop shaped.

There is ONE fitness related supplement I'll be using and it's Creatine.  There is a lot of good information that supports its use and aside from a little water retention (something I am not worried about in the slightest), there should be no down side.

The Weigh In

I'll be doing the official weigh in tomorrow morning.  I tend to like to weigh myself in the morning. I don't think I'll be doing it daily as the body goes through ups and downs but I think that weekly makes a lot of sense.  The scale isn't the most important thing, how I feel, and the progress I see in the mirror will be the big ones.

I'll also be taking my beginning photos.  I'm not too sure if I want to be sharing them at this point, but I'm sure at some point along this journey I'll be sharing.

I found some old photos from when I was 20 and first underwent a three month transformation.  I believe if I can keep to the plan, this one will be more significant.  84 days to go. Sounds like a long time, really isn't.  Anyway, how about some 12 year old progress pictures?

Not too bad for three months worth of progress right?  I went from 208 pounds to 174.5 pounds.  I ended up losing another 8 pounds within a few months of those photos but never took any pictures. This new plan is also three months long (12 weeks) so we'll be able to see what kind of comparitive progress I make.

We are talking 12 years ago though.  I've gone up to 260 since then, and down to 235.  I'm not 100% sure where I'm starting (we'll know tomorrow) but I'm sure I'm heavier now than when I originally tried to get in to better shape.

That being said, I do have more muscle than before, so that's positive.  Anyway, off to bed, tomorrow waits.