Day 1

So, the first day is upon me and this morning I hit the ground running.  Not literally, walking mostly, but still. I grabbed a bunch of water, my two meals, got ready, and was off to the office.  It was a bit weird not making a smoothie in the morning as I usually do, but hey, time saved.

Before my shower I did my "official" weigh in... I'm starting off at 234.6 pounds.  Not the number I want, but it's the number I'm starting out at.  I do need a hair cut.. That'll shave off some weight, right? 

Though, it's important to remember that the scale is only part of the equasion.  I have to keep reminding myself of that to not turn it into a points game.  That being said, I'd be lying if I were to say that I'm not looking forward to the mini milestone of dropping below 230.  Hitting that 229. I'm pretty optimistic that I can get there by the end of this week, especially as I'm expecting to drop some water weight.

How I'm Feeling

For some reason I'm exceptionally tired. It might be because my sleep schedule was all screwed up from the days prior but I just can't get it together. My eyes are doing that stingy-sore, puffy thing and it's been rough trying to concentrate on anything I'm really wanting to get done. 

Aside from the tiredness, I feel fine.  I walked in today, which is a good 45 minute walk in the morning and sometimes my feet or knees give me a little trouble, but today everything feels in order.

I also have to make sure to stop by the store and get a couple Avocados and some lettuce for my final meal of the day (a taco salad).  I suppose it's my second last meal, I still have a protein shake to drink. 


I picked up Avocados and lettuce on the way home.  Once I got home, I decided I'd lay down "just for a couple of minutes".  I woke up at 6:30 in a panic to get my last meal, creatine, and fibre supplement in to my system.  

The Taco salad was pretty good, but I needed to remove the lemon.  Wherever I found that recipe.. The lemon does not make it better at all.  I realized I'm a little light on the overall caloric intake as my ground chicken packages are 450g and for 8 days I had planned around 1000g.  I also realized that I calculated my garlic chicken macros assuming I'd actually consume everything.  However, the butter to grease the pan, the olive oil, and a good portion of the parsley and garlic go to waste.  

I don't really want to increase my food intake until I start feeling like I really need to. At that point I'll probably add a snack.  Maybe a garlic sausage + cheese.. I like those.