Day 2

Today is the second day.. Kind of the first real day as I'm not fed from the day before with other foods.  Still, it's 9:40AM, I'm an hour and 20 minutes away from being allowed to eat, and I feel fine.  

I also weighed myself again to see if some of that water weight has started to shift.. I was shocked to find myself at 232.1 pounds.  So I'm down 2.5 pounds from yesterday. I expected to start losing some of the water but not that quickly. 

The Workout Plan

Today will be the day to restart the Stronglifts 5x5 program.  I will be doing it Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's.  This lets me keep up with my D&D group, while also having a consistent schedule.   Hopefully I won't be super tired as I need to do the workout anyway. 

Speaking of being tired, I think the reason I'm feeling this way is that I abruptly cut out caffeine.  That might also explain the mild headaches I've been having.   I figure that I need to reduce or eliminate caffeine so that I stay as hydrated as possible.  


Stuck mostly to the plan. I didn't have the protein shake, but I had a little extra cheese.  I'm still under calories.  I consider this a win. I stopped eating at about 7:20.  But, that shouldn't be the biggest deal.


I resisted the urge to take a nap. I want to establish a better sleep schedule. I slept in today, and had to take a cab.  I wish I'd have walked or biked.  After the lull this afternoon and into the evening, I started to feel a bit better.


I completed the first day of the stronglifts program.  It's basically no weight, and I can handle a lot more but part of this whole endeavor is to ensure I'm disciplined.  12 weeks feels like a long time right now, but I know it's not.  If I stick to the plan, I'll get there.